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Canvas of Silence - Rated one of the Top 5 Prog Albums of 2015 by Classic Rock Magazine. Available worldwide via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and OKListen. 

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Announcing a new full-length concept album 'The Anthropic Conceit', scheduled for release in summer, 2018. 

About The Anthropic Conceit

The Anthropic Conceit is a concept album that deals with issues of existentialism and human significance. In physics, 'The Anthropic Principle' refers to the belief that the laws of the universe are based on the necessity of the existence of human life. This line of thought extends far into philosophical and religious realms, to a conviction that humans are central to the scheme of things in the universe and that all physical laws are designed - usually by a creator whom we call God - with human life at its focal point.

In the context of this album, 'The Anthropic Conceit' refers to the human habit of craving or assuming importance, mostly just from the "achievement" of being born human. We long for significance in literally everything we do, whether it's wanting recognition for all our successes, or seeking sympathy for all our failures and flaws.
The album, told from a musician's point of view, delves into these thoughts. The protagonist of this story, Vincent, goes through the entire range of these emotions within the span of a single day. In Hindustani music, many ragas are associated with a particular time of day or night; for the compositions within this album, ragas specific to the time in the story are often used as departure points. The album features 10 tracks: The Wait, Merchant of Dreams, Elusive Light, Mirrors, Someone New, Purpose, Suicide Note, The Anthropic Conceit, Encore, and School of Atlantis.