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Prog Magazine

"Rainburn’s music is subtly eclectic while remaining unmistakably steeped in tropes of progressive music... an excellent five-track debut EP"

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Prog Magazine

"In 2009, being in a prog band was virtually unheard of, but seven years later, local act Rainburn helped to set up a successful travelling prog festival in India."

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Classic Rock Magazine

"Rainburn’s EP Canvas of Silence rated among the top 5 prog albums of 2015 by Classic Rock Magazine"

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Fireworks Magazine

"Rainburn featured in UK's Fireworks magazine edition #74."

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RollingStone India

"You can tell straight off that Bengaluru prog rockers Rainburn are one of those bands that can impress audiences with an easy beat and a few blazing guitar solos. If you like classic prog, tune in to this five-track EP."

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The Hindu

"Their five-track debut EP Canvas of Silence packs a brilliant blend of opposing Indo-progressive tonalities that throb together in eclectic energy, exuding the band’s vibrant take on music that is rooted and yet atmospheric."

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Deccan Chronicle 

"No one can deny the incredible talent behind Rainburn's Indo-progressive rock music...intelligently crafted music consisting of heavy riffs, addictive solos and subtle Indian classical tonalities"

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Deccan Herald 

"The band has a wide range of inspirations, from Ilayaraja’s music and old Hindi film songs to ‘The Beatles’. The band believes that a musician should have a wide range of influences to make music and that is when originality falls into place without any effort."

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